2023 Winter Session II Grassroots/Skills & Scrimmage (Dedham, MA) - MA South

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mission statement

Making a difference in people's lives both on and off the field.

core values

  • RESPECT – Treat others the way you want to be treated. Coaches, team-mates, opposition, referees, parents.
  • TEAM-WORK – Be willing to work together as a team. Soccer is a team sport, and the most successful teams/programs work together, and not individually.
  • INTEGRITY – Know and do what is right. No cheating, do things the right way.
  • COMMITMENT – Believe in the process, be committed to the mission and goals of the program.
  • PASSION – Play this sport, and be in this program, because you LOVE it. Have a desire to want to be better, want to push yourself.



For Seacoast United, that passion among its directors, players, and fans has turned this small New Hampshire soccer club into one of the most successful athletic organizations in the region.

Founded in 1992 with the simple mission to advance the physical and social wellbeing of kids and adults through competitive soccer, Seacoast United has grown exponentially ever since.  

Two teams has evolved into year round clubs in three state. Two fields have expanded into several world-class venues - both indoor and outdoor. And one organization has built a reputation among community and business leaders for creating more than just championship soccer teams.

The impact of Seacoast United Sports Club can be felt both on and off the field and increasingly around the world.